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Navalimpianti Spa

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Tecnimpianti Spa

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Navalimpianti USA

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Tecnimpianti Antwerp

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Tecnimpianti Livorno

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Navalimpianti Pula

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Navalimpianti China

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Navalimpianti Hong Kong

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Navalimpianti Singapore

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Navim Sweden

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Our is a story of passion for marine solutions, fostered by strong commitment and extensive experience in designing, creating, supplying and monitoring our made in Italy custom-made naval system.

Navim Group is a global brand of excellence in the engineering, construction and commissioning of marine equipment for passengers and merchant ships, navy, offshore and mega yachts.

Sailed from Genova (Italy) in 1971, Navim Group has successfully navigated the waves of the changing marine market and, over the years, has reached a global success. Today Navim is an international leading company in the naval sector, headquartered in Italy and headed by its 3 main business units, Navalimpianti Spa, Tecnimpianti Spa and Navalimpianti Usa, together with its strategic subsidiaries located worldwide.

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system and equipment provided & refitted on more than:

navim ferries roro ships
Ferries & RoRo Ships
Navim Cruise Ship
Cruise Ships
Offshore Ships
Navim Military Ships
Military Ships
Navim Cargo Units
Cargo Units
Navim Mega Yachts & Giga Yachts
Mega Yachts & Giga Yachts


An innovative spirit is necessary to be competitive, and a brave attitude is necessary to conquer new frontiers. Since the very beginning, Navim founders have been driven by the courage to challenge the everdemanding marine industry with new solutions. Step by step, we have moved forward to serve the customers and fulfill their needs, with the same courage of our founders and with a dynamic vision of the future.

We believe in innovation and technology and always invest in these segments, that are a constant of our services.


Navim Group is able to offer commercial, technical and service support all over the world. It has 12 branches based in 8 countries (Italy, Croatia, USA, China, Belgium, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden) and works worldwide with the best Shipyards for the top Shipowners.

In addition to this, as a valuable support to Navim’s business, the Group can count on a 24 hours-active service network promptly operating worldwide, able to act anytime and anywhere.

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People & Respect

When it comes to people, no compromise is acceptable concerning respect and safety. At Navim, people respect people. It means that we believe in a problem solving approach based on team work and collaboration.

Concreteness & Results

To guarantee products of excellence, being efficient is the first step. Our passionate and motivated engineers design sophisticated naval systems with a professional approach and a profound technical knowledge.

Safety & Reliability

Furthermore, we foster improvements in health and safety at work, also by offering intensive training to guarantee the highest form of safety.

Experience & Innovation

Step by step, we have moved forward to serve the customers and fulfill their needs, with the same courage of our founders and with a dynamic vision of the future.


An Italian heart is beating in our systems. Italy is where our story began and where Navim HQs are based still today. We have left the Italian coasts and crossed the oceans in search of solutions aimed at making the life in the sea easier and safer. Every time we reach one target, we set a new one in order to always improve our services and perform efficiency worldwide.

What remains a constant value in our global story is our made in Italy DNA, guarantee of excellence and quality for our design and production.


Moved by an extraordinary capability to diversify the products offering and anticipate the ever-changing demands of the market, Navim Group has strengthen its position as an industry leader in the design and production of efficient solutions for the naval sector.

Globally Present

Navim Group globally present

Headquarters & Offices

Navalimpianti Spa, 1971
Ceranesi, Italy

Navalimpianti Spa, 1971
Monfalcone, Italy

Navalimpianti Spa, 1971
Genova, Italy

Tecnimpianti Spa, 1973
Palermo, Italy

Tecnimpianti Spa, 1973
Livorno, Italy

Navalimpianti USA Inc., 1994
Miami, USA

Navalimpianti Shangai, 1994
Shangai, China

Navalimpianti Pula, 1996
Pula, Croatia

Navalimpianti Antwerp, 2007
Antwerp, Belgium

Navalimpianti Singapore, 2010
Tuas Lot, Singapore

Navalimpianti Hong Kong, 2017
Hong Kong, China

Navalimpianti Sweden, 2021
Göteborg, Sweden