The gas detection system on LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) propulsion ships is a critical system for the safety of the crew and the ship itself. It  is designed to detect any leaks of LNG gas or other toxic gases on board the ship.

The gas detection system consists of a series of gas sensors positioned in critical points of the ship, such as near the gas loading and unloading pipes. The gas sensors are connected to one or more panels containing the electronics and control logic and alarm management and the appropriate interfaces. The central control system constantly monitors gas levels and alerts the crew if safety limits are exceeded.

It can be integrated with other safety systems, such as ventilation and automatic fire extinguishing systems, to ensure a rapid and coordinated response in the event of an emergency.

LNG-powered vessels are subject to unique risks associated with handling gas on board. For example, LNG can evaporate and cause a reduction in pressure in the tank, which can lead to overheating and the formation of flammable gases. Therefore, it is important that gas detection systems on board LNG vessels are accurate and reliable.

Navim, in collaboration with its investee company Esiwelma, is now able to offer a Gas Detection System Product Line for any kind of application in the Naval sector, from the Cruise  to the Military.

All the systems available are fully compliant and certified ATEX and MED.

Benefits include:

Up to -40 + 70 operating range

Graphic Display on board (B/L)

Calibration with cover installed

Multiple cable gland inputs

Multifunction I/O cards

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