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We care for our customers, everywhere in the world, 24/7


Navim Group global network of Service and Spare Parts Centers offer 24-hour service and spares availability from stock

All over the world, dedicated Navim Group specialist personnel provide a
prompt answer to any after sale customer need.


Navim Group offers to Owners worldwide availability of service engineers and specialized working teams to reduce intervention time and increase ship systems availability.

Our highly qualified customer service representatives and technical staff may assist you with technical assistance, special requests, online services and inspection on site.

We guarantee maintenance, through the operational years, of the original performances of the systems installed on board, supporting spare parts and technical information for the whole life of the ship.


As result of the constant commitment to Owners and an expertise of over 30 years in the marine field, Spare Parts Service Centers operate year around to support your requirements.

A dedicated technical information filing system allows following the ship life time in order to provide information for spare characteristics as for maintenance or retrofitting purposes.

Spare parts supply policy guarantees, for the most common components, the availability from stock. The delivery time to the forwarder, for stock parts, is generally within 24 ours from the receipt of the written order.

When necessary, our specialized teams are at Owners disposal for inspections in order to check, with your staff on board, ship necessity. In case of damaged and urgent components, our specialist personnel will assist you to arrange new component list using visual aids and instruction books.

After sales service,
availability & prompt solutions

In case you need help, our personnel are prepared to solve any problem, at any time, everywhere in the world. Navim Group offers to Owners availability of service engineers and specialized working teams to reduce intervention time and increase ship systems availability. Our personnel provide a prompt answer to every after sale customer’s need. After sales service, retrofitting and spare parts centers are operative 24/7 worldwide.

To make sure that our products maintain the highest performance during their operational life, we provide our customers with a special training on how to use and check-up constantly the systems and the equipment we supply. Our products are constantly upgraded in order to offer optimal solutions in accordance to Shipyards, Owners and Certification Societies.

Navim Group Service

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Employees around the world
Years in the marine field
Offices in 8 countries worlwide


One of the strengths of Navim is the maintenance service to the Owners for repair and retrofit, a very much appreciated service because it provides assistance at any time in any port, with highly qualified personnel and prompt solutions, even at sea and in limited time, to complex technical problems.

Navim offers periodic inspections, maintenance, testing and refitting on equipment and systems on board all ships types, in compliance with the latest regulations. A constant systems performance evaluation is also guaranteed.