Navim Group, through its Lighting & Entertainment Division, is able to offer a new full range of light and sound products specially targeted to the cruise industry, ranging from dimming system up to any kind of electric and electronic safety systems, in particular:

  1. Dimming systems
  2. Lighting systems
  3. Electrical systems
  4. Local Entertainment systems

The Lighting & Electrical System Dept. is able to work on the basis of “turn key” contracts or simply supplying projects, designs and materials as well as specialized technicians for supervising and commissioning light and sound activities.


Lighting Control has evolved from simple basic concept into creative art in a very short time: the creativity of lighting designers is further enhanced with the latest developments of state of art products.

The dimming system allows us to control the light level of light of several types of light sources, in order to reach a specialised scenic lighting in an area, suited with actual specific use of room. In each instant the light, with any other architectural devices, creates an atmosphere in the ship.

The Imagine® lighting control system consists of a full range of products that have been designed to meet a vast array of requirements; from a simple system to a massive total of 1024 channels in 1000 different scenes.

A new generation of CPU, the so-called “Lighting Router” ® has recently replaced the previous generation “Sceneset” CPU, offering to systems integrators new capabilities such as DMX direct control and Ethernet base link to each dimming rack and to other systems.
With the new generation “Lighting Router” CPU, our dimming systems can be designed to fulfil any requirements from Owners and Yards, allowing the ship’s staff to operate the whole system from a centralized master station, to control individually each room from a Local Control Panel (push buttons or touch screen panels are available).


Lighting Systems on board modern cruise vessels and yachts assume a key role in providing guests and passengers  with comfort, amusement and, now much more than in the past, entertainment.
To achieve high quality results, a thorough knowledge of all aspects of lighting technology is needed, often requiring to mix wisely  different products and technologies.

For this reason to achieve the required scenic effects it is very often necessary to integrate many different technologies in the same package ranging from cold cathode tubes (neon tubes) to sophisticated computer controlled, RGB led systems.

Our team of lighting specialists has developed a unique experience in handling all the different technologies required by the Market not only implementing into harmonic solutions any kind of different light source but going even further to develop our own range of light fittings using the most modern and promising solution: high power with Led.

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Our LES division is staffed by some of the most experienced technicians in the field of marine electrical and safety system. There is virtually no limit in the systems that we can design and supply:

  • Power Distribution
  • Main Switchboard
  • Emergency Shut Down System
  • Public Address System
  • Fire Detection System
  • Low Location Lighting System and many others

This allows us to offer advanced and fully integrated solutions also in the field of ship automation, integrated navigation system and communication.


Navalimpianti LES division is able to design, supply and install any kind of Local Entertainment System, ranging from small leisure yachts up to large cruise  vessels. Our technical department is very skilled in the latest video, sound and communication technologies, creating a perfect atmosphere for any public area as well as providing the most advanced infotainment solutions in order to amuse passengers and guests on board of cruise vessels and mega yachts.

If you are looking for the most modern video-on-demand systems, LED video walls, 3D video projections, laser lighting effects and full video and sound signals management, Navalimpianti has the right solution for any application.

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