Offshore & Special Projects

We provides a wide range of custom-made products


Navim Group entered Offshore market in the 80s, with the realization of important projects among which Micoperi, and today provides a wide range of custom-made products:

  • PLV high speed pipe deck receivers, handling and storage  combined systems
  • Design and fabrication of accomodation prefabricated units and buildings
  • ESD and combined Fire & Gas systems for FPSO and platforms
  • ROV, Divers and maintenance shell and side doors and hatch covers
  • Ballast and quick ballast Valve Remote Control System from the smallest to the largest valves diameter including WINners type
  • Divers Cranes and Special Cranes
  • Davits (free-fall outrigger); davits winches with twin braking system and hydraulic lowering speed control
  • Custom designed units for subsea operations


  • Pipe handling and storage system
  • E/hydraulic power and control system
  • Remote control valve system as Turn key supply (more than 700 valves)


  • Remote control valve system as Turn key supply (more than 900 valves)
  • Watertight ventilation damper system as Turn key supply (55 stations)
  • Loading stations with Installation on board
  • Cantilevers aft – fwd and lifesaving appliances area
  • Complete whole prefabricated Living Quarter (6 levels-180 pob) as Turn-key supply


In 1987 Micoperi 7000a semi-submersible offshore platform built by Fincantieri, for original owner Micoperi and now owned by Saipem, was delivered from Monfalcone Shipyard. Today the ship has been renamed Saipem 7000 and is the world’s second largest crane vessel with a lifting capability of 14,000 tons at 42 meters.

Navim  provided the engineering, construction and installation of:

  • 10 Sets of Davits with Electric Winches for totally Enclosed Lifeboats (75 people)
  • 1 Set of Davits of fixed type with Electric Winch for Combined Lifeboat/Rescue (50 people)
  • 1 Set of Davits of fixed type with Electric Winch for large man overboard boat
  • Open Hatches and Relative Electro-Hydraulic system
  • VRCSystem for the operation of ballast valves, fuel transfer, sea chest emergency closing, cross flooding valves