A global electronic partner for its clients


Since 1979, EsiWelma has been an active player in the civil, industrial, and military electronics market as a designer, manufacturer, and technician of equipment and systems across a variety of application sectors, including:

  • OIL & GAS
  • HVAC

Its extensive, diversified, technical product experience and its knowledge of plant application processes allow EsiWelma to present itself as the IDEAL PARTNER both as an OEM supplier and as a creator of custom-designed equipment and systems for its clients.
EsiWelma believes that the quality and prestige of its clients, combined with the long-lasting stability and endurance of its business relationships, serve as guarantees of the company’s skill and reliability.

EsiWelma presents itself as:
A global electronic partner for its clients, offering experience, know-how, skill, and quality in the field of designing and manufacturing electronics, providing operational support throughout the product’s lifespan, from defining its technical and functional specifications to any maintenance and servicing required by the product.

Special attention is paid to safeguarding the privacy of data and solutions that are the property of the client.

A manufacturer and supplier of OEM and private label products in the commodity sectors where it has most strongly developed its know-how, offering systems and devices that meet the needs of the market.
In this sphere, EsiWelma is continuously researching and testing innovative technologies and solutions that give an added value to its products and offer concrete commercial opportunities to its clients.

EsiWelma Srl

Via F.lli Canepa 134 D/E ZIP

16010 Serra Riccò (GE) – Italy
+39 010754211


Ship Type & Products

Navim Group is a leader in the design and manufacturing of marine equipment such as Valves Remote Control SystemsLifesaving AppliancesArchitectural lighting and local entertainmentSkydome™ Sliding Covers and Side DoorsAccess and handling systems for the marine field for passenger and merchant ships, Navy, Offshore and Mega yachts & Luxury yachts.

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Side Doors and Access Systems

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Skydome Sliding Covers

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Davits and Winches

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Valves Remote Control System

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Architectural Light & Sound Systems

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Cargo Access Equipment

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Windows Washing Machines

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Funnels Handling System