Tecnimpianti Livorno

Founded as the Branch specializing in the production of high quality and stylish products


Tecnimpianti Livorno was founded as the Branch specializing in the production of high quality and stylish products. We target shipyards that build or refit Yacht, Mega and Giga Yacht, Shipowners representatives, designers, naval technical studios, producers of accessories for interior, exterior, hydraulic and electrical handling equipment. Flexibility is our point of strength. This is why customers choose us.

Tecnimpianti Livorno, thanks to its origin, has acquired, combined and customized the experience of the various branches of Navim Group developing components and accessories with deep innovations that have given an important breakthrough in the set-up of Boats. For this reason we are able to provide a wide range of products including hull and bridge hatches, telescopic davits for tenders and rescue boats, inside and outside doors and hatches, stainless accessories such as hinges and closures of various kinds, carbon fiber accessories such as fender, ladders, removable real scales.

Our artworks, the result of extensive studies, are developed to satisfy what for us are fundamental rules: ease to assemble and ease, long-lasting with reduced maintenance. Our standard components come from the industrialization of custom products developed by our R&D team designers, close to our customers requests, to meet every need and realize excellent state-of-the-art, low- impact interface solutions, without ever neglecting the reduction of production time and costs.

“Passion makes us bold, imagination makes us creative, ambition makes us stand out, cooperation makes us a great family at the service of our customers.” 

Tecnimpianti Livorno

Tecnimpianti Livorno

Via Soffiatori del Vetro, 6
57121 Livorno – Italy

Call us: +39 0586.954.086
Fax: +39 0586.953.736


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Navim Group is a leader in the design and manufacturing of marine equipment such as Valves Remote Control SystemsLifesaving AppliancesArchitectural lighting and local entertainmentSkydome™ Sliding Covers and Side DoorsAccess and handling systems for the marine field for passenger and merchant ships, Navy, Offshore and Mega yachts & Luxury yachts.

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