Italian culture and genius at the service of excellent naval solutions from the point of view of technique and style

Technology and beauty are not opposite concepts and Navim Group can prove this thanks to its experience of over 50 years.

Italy is the cradle of art and architecture. Italy is the place where beauty finds form from every perspective. And Italy is also the homeland of explorers and sailors who have been able to make a difference. Fascinated by the infinity of the sea, they have put their skills, inventiveness and creativity at the service of a concrete and unique goal, go beyond infinity and achieve total freedom.

Navim Group was born in Italy, 50 years ago, considering freedom a founding value, pursued with continuous research and innovation, always combined with attention to detail.

For Navim Group, Research and Development means finding technological solutions that are also beautiful

The people who work in Navim Group have always known that their commitment can make the difference: we are all focused on fulfilling our customers’ requests, for which we do not set any limits.

For Navim, Research & Development means setting sail towards infinity, strengthened by the Italian culture of the last few centuries, but also by the experience and knowledge we have accumulated over our half-century of history. An example is our magnificent Skydome. The Skydome is not a panoramic roof. It is the possibility of seeing the sky and the horizon every day of the year, in all seasons, to enjoy the beauty of infinity in any weather condition. This result was achieved thanks to the use of special sliding glass plates on a flexible, dynamic and motorized metal structure.

Navim Group’s Italian genius combines innovation, technology and beauty

When we talk about Genius we mean the combination of great intuition in creation and a sublime aesthetic taste. This is expressed in the beauty of the shapes, in the design, in the exaltation of colors and light. And light is an essential factor in the experience of guests and passengers on our yachts and cruise boats.

Ship environments require lighting solutions, special and sophisticated effects that Navim is able to create with advanced lighting technologies  guaranteeing the exaltation of natural light, harmony and beauty.

These are just a few examples of how Navim Group takes its noblest task extremely seriously: satisfying customers through technology and beauty.

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