A 50-year-long journey. So far.

50 years of Navim Group: we come from the Sea where the waves reflect the beauty of Infinity. And that is where we want to go.

The 50 years of Navim Group are 50 years of indissoluble bond with the sea: the sea is our purest essence, our lifeblood, our motivation to do more and better every day. For this reason we have chosen the waves of the sea to celebrate such an important destination for the history of our company: 50 years of activity all over the world.

The sea has always represented a compelling challenge for man: overcoming one’s limits to discover new continents, reaching the ends of the earth, broadening one’s horizons, without an end: to infinity.

And Navim Group pushes itself towards infinity, every day: in our celebratory logo the waves evolve, change, live and adapt to form the symbol of infinity. Which is the goal we aspire to.

The 50 years of Navim Group, therefore, are not just a milestone, but a new chapter in our company’s journey towards Infinity, towards every possibility that naval engineering and design can open to us.


50 years of Navim Group: design at the service of technological innovation

The waves of the sea that move to form the symbol of infinity also represent the concept of beauty, which Navim Group has made its own by combining the attention to detail, typical of Made in Italy, with the refinement of design and of technology, to give shape to every need, every desire, every goal: without limits, to infinity.

And in the infinite motion of the waves we find another fundamental concept: the freedom of life in all its fullness and in all its forms, which we celebrate and honor with our daily work.

The calm of the water in the early morning, the strength and energy of the storm; the romanticism of the lapping of the waves, the vivacity of the foaming waves: the first 50 years of Navim Group have been fully lived and we can only continue like this. Innovation, technology and design to reach … infinity.


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