Luxury mega yacht and giga yacht: we give shape and beauty to your desires

Designing beauty for sea lovers:  the luxury mega yacht and giga yacht sector is a real asset for Navim thanks to the high level of customization of the designers who are able to give shape to all the wishes of our customers.

The experience of over 50 years in the supply of naval solutions has allowed us to design projects and offer technology and solutions available also for those private customers who have decided to experience the passion for the sea with their yachts.

Human beings have always been driven to explore the borders of the Earth by following the eternal and infinite flow of the waves of the sea. For this reason Navim knows well the needs of its customers, whether they are linked to a pure desire for relax, a pure passion for life at sea or for a more intimate man-universe challenge.


Designing technologically advanced marine solutions as well as beautiful and efficient ones

Navim’s experienced and professional team is able to study a customized set-up for the desired yacht: as we said, designing beauty for sea lovers.

Every detail is studied in a precise and meticulous way: from the organization of the spaces, the light, the arrangement of objects, materials and furnishings.

For a unique and personal final result: you can watch our video on Youtube.

The integration between man and the sea is total to allow a real fusion of spaces, life, sensations: the goal is to achieve maximum comfort in every context and natural environment.


Maximum safety and maximum comfort for Navim yachts

Each part of the yacht is conceived, designed and built according to the dream of our customer. Every detail is designed and proposed to combine luxury, beauty, comfort and technology: all in maximum safety.

In fact, all the safety solutions that have been widely adopted by Navim in vessel cruises find application in our luxury mega yachts and giga yachts.

Just as we also pay maximum attention to maintenance, to make it quick and easy, suitable for the needs of those who use a luxury yacht.

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