Navim Group means People first, putting people at the center.

Human beings have always been at the center of Navim’s beliefs and the 50 years of activity of our company fully demonstrate it.

The sea is the very essence of Navim and its expression of freedom has been a fundamental value since the beginning: every person who is part of the company team appreciates, experiences and embraces these elements.

But what does “putting People at the center” really mean?

Putting People at the center - NavimFor Navim, business development has always been traced along two fundamental lines: employees and customers.

Teamwork is an approach that is fully integrated into our processes: just as the ship faces the sea and her captain leads her to her destination, the entire crew follows the captain with trust and collaboration. The same happens in our departments, where through the culture of leadership and the enhancement of talents, people are encouraged to express themselves to their full potential.

Putting People at the center, cultivating inclinations in their maximum expression of creativity, from all points of view, is perhaps the “least secret” among Navim secrets, because it is a strength that has always been stimulated and developed. The sense of belonging to a strong and successful team, feeling supported in times of difficulty and encouraged to make a contribution because it is essential to achieve personal and corporate goals: this is our way of working, every day, focusing on the customer.


Employees and customers: the beating heart of Navim’s commitment

Customers are always very important for Navim because they represent the most challenging dream of all to be fulfilled!

Satisfying their requests is Navim’s greatest ambition and commitment! This fundamental goal has been integrated into our vision of work since the beginning, when we have evolved from craftsmanship to technological engineering.

The beauty of this approach lies in the fact that we can carry out any project our clients dream, thanks to the professionalism of our team and the absence of any limits: because Navim’s limit is the infinite horizon.

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