Watertight doors and splash doors


Go-Tec is the latest brand-new company within Navim Group its main activity concerns the production, sale, maintenance and after-sales assistance of WTD watertight doors and splash doors, cardecks, rolling doors, internal and external ramps, hatches, a variety of special projects.

Go-Tec operates in the design and manufacturing of marine equipment for cruise ships, ferries, naval ships, mega yachts, research vessels and offshore structures.

It has been Tecnimpianti Spa, one of the oldest and most successful Navim Group companies and world leader in the naval-mechanical sector in the design and production of lifesaving appliances such as Davits and Winches, to lead the operation in order to expand its business, as part of an important development strategy based on technological growth.

Go-Tec main focus: watertight doors and splash doors

Go-Tec counts around 50 employees, including experienced managers, skilled engineers, highly qualified workers and professionals who provide support through customer services set up.

Go-Tec mission is to offer functional and personalized efficient solutions fully compliant with safety standards at all times by integrating its systems into any kind of project/structure, whilst optimizing costs and fully respecting building plans.

Experience, expertise, leadership, innovation, team spirit and a passion for the sea are the strengths of Go-Tec that combines Italian history and professionalism to offer the best safety systems, passengers, cargo handling and custom marine solutions.

Go-Tec is the result established after a business units transfer from former Seanet SA and Seanet USA.

Watertight doors: special doors for ship safety

Watertight doors are special types of doors found on ships for ship safety, since they prevent the passage of water in both direction from one compartment to another during flooding or accidents.

These doors are used onboard in many ships such as in the fore and aft passageways underdeck and in engine room. They are designed to endure continuous submersion.

Weathertight doors, on the other hand, are designed to withstand brief submersion and to withstand water pressure only from the outside. They are located above the waterline and can withstand the weather conditions of offshore which means from the outside.


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