Magrodomes or Skydomes?

skydome magrodome navim navalimpiantiMagrodome is the common name used to define the sliding glass roofs found aboard cruise ships, but at Navim we have always called them Skydome, from our very beginning in the far 1990s; the reason is pretty obvious of course since they are domes who let you see the Sky, therefore Skydomes.

The primary purpose of magrodomes is to shelter the Lido pool area from bad weather, heavy rains or fog while letting you enjoy the view en plein air when opened in sunny conditions favorable to passengers and sunbathers.

But how does a Skydome, whoooooops a magrodome work?

Typically, in a classic configuration, the pool area Deck is equipped with a sliding glass roof on the superior Deck; the telescopic roof is made of 4/6 (depending on the size of the ship and of the pool) sections all moving longitudinally on two rails, one section sliding under the other from bow to stern, the forward section is electrically operated and locked  in open and closed position automatically from the control cabinet located on the superior Deck with 360° view on all sides.

So far Navim Group has designed, engineered built and successfully delivered 65 sliding covers while other 6 are currently at work by the Skydome Design Team specialized in the finalization of magrodomes projects for cruise ships.

In the running year 2022 Navim Group will deliver 4 new Skydomes for some of the Cruise Ships which will be delivered throughout the months, namely on the Viking Tellus and Viking Neptune currently under completion at Fincantieri Ancona; these magrodomes are installed on deck 11 overviewing the winter garden and the swimming pool for a total cover surface approximately 45 m long x 21 m wide … making them among the biggest cruise sliding covers.

The first Navim Skydome

But the first Skydome to be released in the next months will be the one on the MSC World Europa, 19 metres x 14 metres of shining transparent glasses moving opening or closing over the pool on deck 18 according to the passengers’ likings and weather surprises. But never mind the forecast and temperatures the sliding magrodome cover consent to enjoy the pool in any circumstance.

Last but not least, of course, the Skydome realized for the MSC SeaEscape next November form Fincantieri Monfalcone. It is a huge glassy sliding cover, shining in all its beauty in the upper deck, above the “Jungle Pool” consenting to all passengers to enjoy it with any weather.

MSC Seaview Skydome magrodome navim navalimpiantiThe Skydomes are a Navim group product

The Skydomes are a Navim group product, and they really are true masterpieces!

No wonders in fact many passengers, while cruising, consider them among the most amazing features of the whole ship … definitely WOW factors and distinguished highlights of the voyage. Apart from the entertainment aspect magrodomes really characterize and identify the architecture of a cruise ship making it unique and distinguished.

The pool deck is massive … The “skydome” aft was the best feature for us by far … The sliding glass roof was priceless on the final two days. Rain and lightning provided an awesome backdrop as we relaxed in the hot tub.” (

According to sayings and proverbs the Sky is not the limit, in our case we might say the Skydome is not and never the limit!

Navim Skydome rendering

If you want to see more Skydome rendering, please visit our Video Rendering section.

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