Navalimpianti Spa has been dealing with maritime equipment since 1971. Set sail from Ceranesi, Genoa, where the headquarters are still located, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Carlo Viganò, Lorenzo and Domenico Olivieri; it first arrived with its strategic branch in Monfalcone, the city of shipyards, near Trieste, to later cross over the entire peninsula and arrive at Termini Imerese, Palermo, where the subsidiary Tecnimpianti Spa is located.

The entrepreneurial path immediately went beyond the territorial dimension; by the year 2021 – which marked our 50th anniversary  (video)- the Genoese company became an international holding, named Navim Group. Today it consists of the 3 main Business Units, Navalimpianti Spa, Tecnimpianti Spa and Navalimpianti USA together with various branches strategically located all over the world.

The ownership of Navim Group is still the same with the new generation carrying on the entrepreneurial reins with commitment, professionalism and great dedication: Chiara Viganò, daughter of Carlo, and Federico Olivieri, son of Domenico and nephew of Lorenzo, both in the company with very important management roles. At the helm since 2008 there is Giuseppe Cracolici, CEO of the entire Group and General Manager of Tecnimpianti Spa, in his beloved Sicily. Honorary President is today Eng. Attilio Dall’Osso, a historical column of the group and a close friend of Carlo and Domenico. A team of highly skilled managers, a team of engineers, specialized technicians, administrative staff carefully selected support the customer throughout the production process.

We were born in Genoa – explains Giuseppe Cracolici, CEO of the Group – the bond with the territory is very strong but our philosophy is to go work wherever the market presents opportunities for development. It is this mentality that has contributed to make Navim Group what it is today: a global brand of excellence, recognized and sought after all over the world.”Our relationship with customers is leader to leader. Our main customers – explains Cracolici – are the best shipyards in the world, which, in turn, receive orders from all the main international shipowners and players. We offer them commercial, technical and assistance support all over the world, providing the know-how acquired in fifty years of activity and our natural passion for innovative solutions “.

The production focuses on davits, sliding pool covers (skydomes),  valve remote control systems, architectural lighting solutions, access and handling for cruise ships, ramps for cars and heavy vehicles for ferries and Ro.Ro ships, window washing machines, pipe handling systems for offshore ships. The offer is completed by the products designed and manufactured with fine materials and attention to design by Tecnimpianti Livorno designers targeting the luxury industry of the mega-yacht sector and it includes hatches, gangways, royal stairways, catwalks etc.

Our production is customized. The difference with our competitors is made of technical and technological details, which make our products unique pieces of sartorial engineering, despite the size and weight of these creations. It is the ability to provide tailor-made solutions that makes us authoritative on the market “. To support the words of our CEO, a prestigious portfolio featuring over 30.000 systems and equipment delivered all over the world.

Today Navim’s “N” is found on 300 cruise ships, 500 ferries and Roro ships, 30 offshore ships, 60 naval vessels, 300 cargo units, 60 mega-giga yachts and countless special projects. All tailor-made. Giving an artisanal value to a complex industrial activity requires maximum design and operational flexibility. “Being flexible is an Italian attitude, but I want to clarify it, we are flexible because we are highly technological, we have an efficient business organization and excellent professionals. Quality, efficiency, reliability, dynamic vision of the future, these are our strengths, which translate into products capable of satisfying the needs of the market and, often, of setting benchmarks at an international level “.

A group with an Italian brain and heart, but with an increasingly international soul.

The 2021 year of our 50th anniversary was a very important date for us: a glorious milestone of which we are aware, satisfied and proud. Now the challenge is the future!

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