The SmartWIN solution for valves control and monitoring.

SmartWINThe SmartWIN solution for valves remote control systems is an important innovation by Navim.

The remote control of the valves is a key feature in the automation of complex projects such as ships and offshore plants. Valves operation is the way of control for most of the processes vital to the operation onboard.

The SmartWIN solution several systems that require the control of flows in the pipelines that run throughout the ship. From the fuel that feeds the engines and generators to the ballast water that stabilizes the ship’s trim, from the bilge to lubricating oils, from the fire-fighting system to gray water management. All fluids flow in pipes and their flow must be able to be intercepted and regulated according to requirements.

Valves installed for this purpose vary in types, functions and sizes and are often installed in hard-to-reach spaces. This explains why the efficient management of these valves is a crucial element of any project.

SmartWIN is the solution!

The solution that Navim Group is proud to present today is the SmartWIN solution for valves remote control systems, the most recent evolution of our VRCs products line. SmartWin is a system designed to offer the maximum in terms of operational performance. A solution designed for today’s ships and of tomorrow.

This system is designed to operate continuously and provide critical safety and operational performance even in the harshest environmental conditions. A motorized valve should respond promptly to any given command and preserve along the life cycle of the ship the required accuracy.  When ordered to intercept or regulate the flow in a pipe, the valve must change its position and the component that translates the command into action is the actuator. Actuators must perform with absolute precision and provide local diagnostic and real time remote feedback to the relevant control systems.

Digital information from field valve’s actuators via CanOpen protocol offers a considerable advantage for data transfer and processing. CanOpen is one of the most widely used application protocols today. Key benefits of this protocol include standardized device description files that make status information, parameter configurations, device characteristics and other relevant data available in transparent form on the network.

SmartWIN makes use of the TORK and RAM electro-hydraulic actuators positioned directly on the valves.

Either linear and rotating actuators fits all the type and size of valves onboard. Each actuator is coupled with a micro power pack (MHPP) electrically connected to a series of local cabinets distributed in each area of the ship, communicating with each other with a fiber optic network bus ring. MHPPs are controlled by a built-in microprocessor, thus distributing intelligence into the actuator component.

SmartWIN architecture has been designed as a flexible and scalable solution to match any ship’s layout, allows system redundancy, and fully complies with the most recent class register’s rules.

Distributed hardware combined with a modular architecture to enable a very high degree of flexibility that ensures optimal installation solutions.

A new series of local control cabinets has been designed to facilitate the wiring and the operation of the valves in every possible situation on board the ship. Also available in IP68 execution, these cabinets are interconnected forming a TCP/IP Ethernet main network. The physical connection media could be standard CAT-5(6) cable or fiber optic. The touchscreen control panels, available in different sizes, are interchangeable and can be installed on the front panel or connected with a waterproof connector and via Bluetooth.

Entirely developed and manufactured in Italy, according to the most advanced European quality standards, the Navalimpianti actuators and SmartWIN control system perfectly integrated to form an optimized VRC’s for marine ad offshore projects. Innovation and quality are the only guarantee of long-term customer loyalty.  Navalimpianti is committed with shipyards and ship owners all over the world to deliver superior solutions.

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