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In 2019, the global cruise industry welcomed nearly 30 million passengers and then the world was hit by the Pandemic creating a crash that we would have never imagined before. But, despite all this, with all the safety measures which have been adopted, some signs of resumption of cruising have sprung either in Europe and worldwide, bringing hope for the future with numbers proving to be comforting and let us prefigure a full return of the cruise market roughly estimated in 38.000.000 of cruisers by 2026. Therefore, if this proves to be consistent there will still be an interesting number of new buildings and, for what concerns us directly, an interesting demand of Davits, Lifesaving appliances (and of all the other systems which we design and manufacture).

For us every Ship is a new project because we design and manufacture on specific requests and we work “ad hoc” with dedicated concepts, targeted designs, tailored projects. “Our production is very customized. The characteristic is made of technical and technological details, which make our products unique pieces of sartorial engineering, despite the size and weight of these creations. It is the ability to provide tailor-made solutions that makes us authoritative on the market “. To support the words of our CEO, Giuseppe Cracolici, a prestigious portfolio featuring over 30.000 systems and equipment delivered all over the world.

is the Challenge!

Innovation in an important issue for us too of course; for what concerns us it is related to the use of eco-sustainable materials, like, for instance, the use of biodegradable oil to grease our systems.


Concerning our most recent projects Navim Group has also designed, engineered and successfully delivered the DAVITS system on Msc Seashore (FC 6306): Semigravity Davits System for Life, Tender and Rescue Boats (in particular 14 Semi-gravity Davits for Lifeboats (314 pax), 4 Semi-gravity Davits for combined Lifeboat/Tenderboat (267), 2 Semi-gravity Davits for Life Rescueboats (6 pax) and 2 Telescopic Davits for Rescueboats (6 pax) with Suez Service.

This davits type is designed in order to leave deck 6 free with embarkation operations taking place from deck 7 with the boat in stowed position. The arms can be extended outboard as necessary to launch the boat at sea in all trim and list conditions. The lifeboats, tender boats and rescue boats are arranged on Deck 7. They are fully sheltered and protected from green seas effect by means of an extension of the deck 6, below the lifeboats. Such extension of deck 6 extend up to a width corresponding to the external side of lifeboats/tender boats keels.

The davits are of approved types and incorporate all statutory arrangements. They are selected taking into account very frequent lifting and lowering operations, especially as far as the davits of the boats used as tenders are concerned, for which these operations are performed every day. Gratings made in fiberglass and movable handrails or gates are installed on the deck in the davit area. These consent embarkation to passengers and easy access to davits and boats for service and maintenance purposes.

On the Discovery Princess (FC 6290), Navim Group has designed, fabricated and delivered the Life, Tender and Rescue Davits Systems in particular 10 set of semi-gravity hinged davits type SGHD- 360L for lifeboats, 6 sets of stored power hinged davits type SPHD 390T for tenders, 2 sets of fixed davits type FDRB 6P for rescue boats.

The davits are designed for hoisting a boat of 305 persons of capacity when fully equipped and with a maximum of 10 persons on board in all the usual operating conditions. The davits are designed to lower the fully loaded lifeboat in all ship abandon conditions as for SOLAS requirements.


As known, Navim Group is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of Telescopic Davits to be used which are a masterpiece in engineering and consent a great agility in operations.

Telescopic davits consist of two arms welded at the ceiling of the upper deck in such a way to allow the promenade deck to be completely free.

This solution is particularly useful when this deck is used as passengers walking area, but also during the embarkation in emergency case. The davit arms may be extended outboard as necessary to permit boats translation from stored to embarkation position and lowering in any trim and list condition stated by SOLAS. No heavy electrical system is required because energy is provided by hydraulic power pack and accumulators.

At the moment we are working on new projects concerning the new buldings which are to be delivered this year or in the upcoming ones, such as the new luxury MSC (6319), the new TUI (6312), the Queen Anne (6274) very busy in making the most out of our know how and the new challenges of the future.

After successfully celebrating 5O years of activity in 2021, we are proud and happy to say that the future is the challenge for us!

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