Service and Commissioning are Navim strategic assets!

Navim Group has a very complete global service network able to support business partners throughout the entire lifecycle of the ships.

Due to our extensive variety of products which transversally spans from davits and lifesaving appliances to valves remote control systems, lighting solutions and CAE equipment, to name just a few of them, we are proud to offer a range of environmental solutions and services which are perfectly tailored to suit our clients’ operational needs.

One of our strengths is in fact the after-sales service for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, repair and modernization of marine systems; a service much appreciated by shipowners because it guarantees assistance at any time in any port worldwide, with our highly qualified staff able to provide timely solutions suitable for solving very complex technical problems.

navim service and commissioningNavim service and commissioning: Quality. Assistance on the field. Availability all over the world.

From the design phase, through engineering, to building, commissioning and after sales, our goal is to guarantee the optimal service for the ships’ lifetime at sea.

We are very active and attentive with paperwork, working closely with research institutions, regulatory bodies and class societies to keep up with shipping newest regulations and requirements and to provide innovative, qualitative and competitive solutions. And we are also very active and attentive of course “on the field” in relation to the operations and interventions we are demanded to perform with our service and commissioning technicians.

This translates in Navim Group prompt ability to always offer compliant reliable and concrete actions.

Global Service Network operative h24

In addition to this, Navim can count on a professional global network providing h24 and year-round support all over the world thanks to the collaboration with partners and branch sites and is able to rapidly deliver spare parts worldwide within a couple of working days from order.

Service and Commissioning segment is of the greatest importance since customers, due to the frenetic nature of the shipping business and of Shipyards dynamics, have high expectations and they need concrete, practical and above all quick answers and results.

Prompt responses, compliance with deadlines, transparency in negotiations, kindness in dialogue, accuracy in selecting the most suitable Service and Commissioning technicians are our strengths to achieve the final goal of the optimal management of interventions.

Why is Navim Group a strategic partner then?

  1. Because we follow our projects from A to Z, from concept to after-sales service, so our clients are never alone
  2. Because we provide a complete and varied range of tailor-made products
  3. Because we design products combining the beauty of design, the maximum of efficiency and the minimum of maintenance
  4. Because we engineer our systems in accordance and compliance with the latest technologies
  5. Because we put quality and safety in the first place
  6. Because our products are made to last

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