Ship Shuttle



The PANORAMIC SHUTTLE runs around the whole perimeter of the ship in order to easily transport the passengers from bow to stern.

It can carry an average number of 10/12 people (less or more is obviously possible according to Owner’s agreement) running along a rail at a speed of about 0.5/0.8 meters per second (average tour of the ship – depending obviously on the ship’s length – 15/20 minutes); there are from 4 to 6 embarkation stations; the system can be driven electrically and there is not the necessity of an operator on board.

The driving systems can be of 4 different types:

  1. magnetic levitation
  2. linear induction motor
  3. rack pinion
  4. ropeway

All these systems can be powered either by hybrid traction battery system or by continuous alimentation.

The Ship Shuttle will be built in aluminum and glass windows, with sliding door; it will be equipped with:

  • seats
  • air conditioning
  • telecommunications systems
  • musical entertainments
  • light entertainments and effects

It will be provided a safety system with encoders which will monitor moment by moment the Ship Shuttle speed of movement and in case any variation is revealed, the encoder will action a electrohydraulic brake thus avoiding any possible risk to passengers.

The Operations conditions (trim, list, weather condition) are to be defined depending on the ship’s management directions, but the average ones can be considered the following:

But on the average, the system is to be able to operate with 25 knots of wind from any direction with the vessel steaming at max speed.

Vessel attitude operational condition:

  • list/rolling +/- 5 degree
  • trim +/- 2 degrees or any possible value the vessel can take
  • sea state as per average operating conditions of elevators

EXTRA VALUE – This new Ship Shuttle can also be used for pure leisure entertainment for the amusement of the passengers since it offers the possibility of a complete tour of the Ship and thus the possibility to view it from a breath-taking position in a comfortable luxury cabin (air cond, music and tour guide) running on rail.


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