Navim is on Enchanted Princess | Hull 6275

Navim Group is present with its equipment on Enchanted Princess  ordered to Fincantieri by Princess Cruises and delivered on 30th September 2020 from Monfalcone Shipyard (100th Ship built); it is long 330 meters, with 145.000 gross tons, a capacity for 4610 guests and represents an evolution of the successfully previously delivered sister ships Royal, Regal, Majestic and Sky Princess.

Semigravity Davits Systems and Side Doors SystemTelescopic davitsSIDE DOORS AND ACCESS, HANDLING SYSTEMS FOR CRUISE VESSELS

On the Enchanted Princess, Navim Group has designed, fabricated and delivered the Life, Tender and Rescue Davits Systems (in particular 11 set of semi-gravity hinged davits type SGHD- 360L for lifeboats, 5 sets of stored power hinged davits type SPHD 390T for tenders, 2 sets of fixed davits type FDRB 6P for rescue boats),  the engineering, electrical and hydraulic Side Door Systems (among which 4 tender/pax embarkation doors, 20 Side Doors, 2 mooring Observation Doors/Platforms, 6 mooring Observation ports, 5 portholes, 2 hatch covers, Various Doors for handling provisions and baggage areas, crew and engine loading parts etc)


side doors    

Valves Remote Control System

By Navim Group is also the Valves Remote Control System, the way to control most of the processes vital to the ships operations onboard, as well as the Dimming System creating suggestive and magical atmosphere to all the Puablic Areas of the Ship.


Navim Group is a global brand of excellence leader at international level in the engineering, construction and commissioning of marine equipment for passengers and merchant ships, navy offshore and mega yachts with records for 30.000 systems and equipment provided and refitted on more than 200 Cruise Ships, 200 Ferries & Roro Ships, 25 Offshore Ships, 40 Military Ships, 270 Cargo Units, 60 Mega Yachts and Countless Special Projects.

Navim Group Core Business consists of: Lifesaving Appliances | SkyDome Sliding Covers | Valves Remote Control Systems | Architectural Lighting and Local Entertainment | Cargo Access Equipment and Special Equipment. 

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