Carnival Horizon | Hull 6243

It’s again time for a successful delivery for Navim Group’s equipment onboard Carnival Horizon: Navim FOLS Davits, the complete Side Doors Systems and the Dimming System! Fair Winds, in your crossing trip from Monfalcone to breathtaking Barcelona!

FOLS and Telescopic Davits Telescopic davits

We have designed built and commissioned the Fixed Outboard Launching Systems (FOLS) for Lifeboats and Tenders and Telescopic Davits for Rescue Boats and Life Rafts (in particular 20 Fixed Outboard Launching Systems (FOLS) with hydraulic winch suitable for partially enclosed lifeboats, each for a capacity of minimum 305 persons, and  n° 2 Telescopic Rescue Hydraulic Davits with electric winch suitable for Rescue Boats, each for a capacity of 6 persons).

The Fixed Outboard Launching System is designed in conjunction with a particular ship’s design that allows to install the boats in a fixed position outboard below the protrusion of the deck. The launching systems are of fixed type since the boats are directly launched and recovered from their stowed position without any travelling movement.

Main Characteristics: only gravity is used fort the launching, shorter embarkation time in case of emergency, less maintenance required.

The FOLS system on Carnival Horizon goes together with the Hydraulic Winch HW 200 for Lifeboats; this type is a new concept of hydraulic winch designed to lower by gravity and lift by hydraulic power the big boats of the modern passenger vessels. Its main characteristics are the continuous and progressive lowering speed control and the full redundancy assured by the stationary multi-disk hydraulic brake in conjunction with the hydraulic speed brake system.

fols davits   


Navim Group has also designed and supplied  the complete engineering, electrical and hydraulic system for the Side Doors (in particular tender embarkation platforms, tender embarkation doors, crew/pax and tender embarkation doors, stores, crew and pax, oil bunkering, garbage, water bunkering, stores and luggage, shore connection, passengers embarkation, mooring observation platforms, mooring observation ports) as well as the Lights Dimming System providing beautiful and suggestive atmosphere.

side doors

Navim Group is a global brand of excellence leader at international level in the engineering, construction and commissioning of marine equipment for passengers and merchant ships, navy offshore and mega yachts with records for 30.000 systems and equipment provided and refitted on more than 200 Cruise Ships, 200 Ferries & Roro Ships, 25 Offshore Ships, 40 Military Ships, 270 Cargo Units, 60 Mega Yachts and Countless Special Projects.

Navim Group Core Business consists of: Lifesaving Appliances | SkyDome Sliding Covers | Valves Remote Control Systems | Architectural Lighting and Local Entertainment | Cargo Access Equipment and Special Equipment. 

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