Navim Group and Sea Economy: a fundamental relationship

Craftsmanship. Made in Italy. Attention to details. Strong relations client-supplier.
These are Navim assets as Federico Olivieri Strinasacchi, Navim HR Manager & House Counsel, explained at the event “Il Baglio Maestro” organized by Marina Militare in collaboration with Genova Townhall and University last 20th April 2022.

The prestigious conference took place at Palazzo Tursi in Genova as a part of a greater path aiming at highlighting the importance of Sea Economy worldwide and in Italy with a particular attention to the region Liguria.

The panel of speakers was of the highest level and it included University Professors, distinguished Admirals, Authorities and Professionals of the naval sector sharing speeches, digressions, thoughts concerning the “History and Future of the Shipping Industry”.

In this very inspiring context our HR Manager & House Counsel, Federico Olivieri Strinasacchi, was invited for a focus on our corporation, Navim Group, from its very beginning in 1971 with the establishment of Navalimpianti Spa in Genova and the later spreading and birth of all our branches in Italy and around the world which makes us proud active players in the fascinating and challenging Shipping Industry. Of course, our 50th anniversary, which was celebrated last year in 2021, was also mentioned being it a great recognition of all these years of commitment and bond with the Sea.

Navim Group and Sea Economy - federico Olivieri StrinasacchiFederico, in his very passionate speech, pointed out how the history of shipbuilding is the story of a great passion: “Perhaps, with a little imagination, we feel somehow similar to oysters, who participate in a professional, as well as loving way, in the birth of unique objects”.

In today’s globalized economic scenario, it remains essentially a story of people and sacrifices.

A largely Italian story, which is renewed with each new assignment, each new order, each new challenge. A challenge that increasingly consists in finding the best combination of aesthetic beauty and technological efficiency. A story of silent work, behind the creation of masterpieces, which deserves to be told, especially for our workers.

After the historical personal presentation about Navim Group, Federico’s brilliant speech spread the theme trying to interpret the common “feeling” of a whole compartment, not of our single company, but of the whole sector indeed in consideration of common visions and objectives we are pleased to share with other realities similar to us for activities and vision.

And what better than closing by sharing with all the participants a company video of ours? “Navim, This is Us” celebrates the contact between our own engineering and the Italian artistic tradition that makes us recognizable, at the highest possible level of pride, in the world.

Navim Group and Sea Economy: the speech of Federico Olivieri Strinasacchi at “Il Baglio Maestro”

And this is all about Federico Olivieri Strinasacchi intervention at “Il Baglio Maestro” which is available here live. It is definitely worth watching it!

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