On Rotterdam, new HAL’s flagship, delivered in late July 2021 from Fincantieri Marghera, Navim Group has provided the design, engineering, supply, manufacturing, and final commissioning of a complete range of access and handling systems to fulfill the needs of loading and offloading passengers, crew, provisions and spares such as Shell Doors & Observation Platforms – Side Shell Hatches and Doors – Provision and Luggage Ramps hydraulically and/or manually operated.

Speaking abut doors and special equipment, we are very proud to say that on Ms Rotterdam we also have supplied 30 Sliding Watertight Doors below the bulkhead deck and 5 Reduced Hinged Doors above the bulkhead deck; these last systems have been designed engineered and manufactured by our recently born new company GO – TEC specialized in this new segment of ours.


Navim Group has also designed, engineered and successfully delivered the DAVITS arrangements: 14 Telescopic davits with hydraulic winches for partially enclosed lifeboats, each for 150 persons capacity; 6 Telescopic davits with hydraulic winches for partially enclosed lifeboats/tender, each for 150 persons capacity as lifeboat; 2 Telescopic davits with hydraulic winch for lifeboat/rescue boats, each of 136 persons capacity as lifeboat and 6 persons capacity as rescue boat; 8 Telescopic davits with electric winch for davit-launched liferafts, each for 35 persons capacity.


Also the Lighting Equipment and Dimming System that embellish the main halls of the Ship have been provided by Navim Group.

And last but not least branded by Navim Group is also the huge glassy sliding cover, our SKYDOME shining in all its beauty on Deck 11 “Sun” consenting to all passengers to enjoy it with any weather.

And it is also thanks to Navim WWS Windows Washing Systems that the ships glasses are kept clean, shiny and beautiful!

 Navim Group is a global brand of excellence leader at international level in the engineering, construction and commissioning of marine equipment for passengers and merchant ships, navy offshore and mega yachts with records for 20.000 systems and equipment provided and refitted on more than 250 Cruise Ships, 200 Ferries & Roro Ships, 25 Offshore Ships, 40 Military Ships, 270 Cargo Units, 15 Mega Yachts and Countless Special Projects.

 Navim Group Core Business  consists of: Lifesaving Appliances | SkyDome Sliding Covers | Valves Remote Control Systems | Architectural Lighting and Local Entertainment | Cargo Access Equipment | Access and Handlying Systems | Special Equipment. 

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