Bow visor

Navalimpianti Equipments for bow access are designed and manufactured to fulfill Rules and  Regulatory body requirements and to obtain Shipowners satisfaction in respect of dimensions, strength and safety.
Bow doors may have different arrangements: double leaf hinged doors, opening outwards and sliding backwards, parallel to the shell, or single top hinged visors opening upwards.
In both cases, doors are linked to the hull structure by means of hinged arms, connected to the maneuvering cylinders. Bow doors, when closed, are flush with shell plating and are equipped by locking device and cleatings.
Bow ramps may be folding type. The deployment is achieved by means of hydraulic cylinders with a further set for cleatings.
Inner doors may be top or side hinged and properly locked to assure watertightness.
Systems operation is assured via hydraulic or electro-hydraulic power originally designed and manufactured by Navalimpianti.