Every branch in the marine field has its own, specific needs: that's why we found our range of products on different ship type solutions: cruise, ro-ro & ro-pax, mega yachts, liquid & dry cargo, offshore and Navy. Our equipments, designed, supplied and installerd by us for the main Ship Owners and Shipyards around the world, include: davits, cargo access, special access for passengers and crew, cargo handling, valves remote control systems, movable sliding roofs for swimming pool and recreational areas, windows washing machines and many others.

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Some systems, such as davits and valves remote control, are available for any kind of vessel, others are designed only for special naval market application.
In the past years, we collected unique experience in understanding Owners and Shipyards needs, which now permits us to ensure cost-effective, reliable and efficient products through the entire operational life of the ships.