Core Business

Navim Group is leader, at international level, in the design, construction and supply of marine equipment for Cruise Vessels and Merchant Ships, Navy, Offshore and Mega Yachts.

The core business is mainly characterized by the design and production of:

Lifesaving  Appliances | Davits & Winches

FOLS (fixed outboard launching system), semi-gravity, multi pivot, roller track, rescue boat and life-raft davits, free-fall, NOD and in particular the company is the only producer worldwide of telescopic davits. The telescopic davits with reserve of energy consist of two arms welded on the ceiling of the upper deck and permit to have the promenade deck completely free. This solution is particularly useful not only when this deck is used as passengers walking area, but also during embarkation in emergency case.

Skydome Sliding Covers

Navalimpianti Sky-Dome™ represents an exceptional added value allowing a multi-seasonal full employment of the ship. The sliding glass cover is composed of sliding panels, each of which having a welded plating alloy structure on which the glass sheets are mounted underside the panels. Gear-motors consent the movement of the panels forwards and afterwards


Cargo Access Equipment 

Navalimpianti Cargo Access Equipment for RO-RO and RO-PAX includes bow visors, stern ramps and side doors ramps, quarter ramps, shell/side doors, covers and internal doors, car decks, hoistable and tiltable ramps, elevators.
Our solutions for Cargo Access move toward a wide range of products tailored for the needs of our customers, from the flexibility of the cargo spaces up to the handling of each type of vehicles, allowing efficient and cost-effective systems. Navalimpianti Cargo Access Equipments, with integrated hydraulic and automation system, assure problem- free working life and easy operations.

Valves Remote Control Systems

Valves Remote Control Systems (Standard and WINners™): the systems are reliable equipments for the operation of ballast valves, fuel transfer, sea chest emergency closing, cross flooding valves. Navalimpianti expertise, based on the application of over 80.000 controlled valves, is today included in RAM – TORK – TORKLT linear and rotating hydraulic actuators and in the control systems Standard, Winners E and Winners H.

In particular the “Navalimpianti WINners type” is a Valves Remote Control System with electro-hydraulic actuators; on each valve it is installed the relevant hydraulic actuator to which a micro electro-hydraulic unit is directly connected.

Access and Handling Systems

Access and Handling Systems for Passengers vessels, Navy and special applications for the marine field: side doors & tender embarkation platforms, baggage loading platforms, quay ramps and monorail cranes. Our expertise has provided a wide range of solutions to Shipowners and Shipyards since 1990.

Light & Sound Systems

The group’s core business enlarged its core business to lighting and electrical systems, with a specialized new division able to offer a new full range of advanced products, especially targeted to cruise and yacht industry, ranging from dimming systems up to lighting effects and in particular any kind of local entertainment system which is desired on board.