Navim Group

Navim Group includes today 10 companies in 7 Countries:

Navalimpianti Spa | Ceranesi – Monfalcone – Genova

Navalimpianti USA  Inc. | Fort Lauderdale, USA

Navalimpianti Pula | Pula, Croatia

Navalmpianti Hong Kong Ltd | Hong Kong

Navalimpianti China | Shanghai, China

Navalimpianti Singapore | Singapore

Tecnimpianti Spa  | Palermo – Livorno

Tecnimpianti Antwerp | Antwerp, Belgium


Navalimpianti Spa established in 1971, with headquarters based in Ceranesi, near Genova, includes two main branch-offices – one in Genova harbor and the other in Monfalcone (near Trieste) and various controlled companies: Tecnimpianti Spa, established in 1973 in Termini Imerese (near Palermo) specialized in the production of tender, lifeboat, rescue and raft davits and Tecnimpianti Livorno, Navim Yacht Lab excellence centre; Navalimpianti USA, established in 1994 in Miami focused mostly in the after-sales service and today also a strategic hub for the Architectural and Light Design dep; Navalimpianti Pula, started in 1996 in Croatia as an engineering studio for structural design works in 3D; Navalimpianti China, established in 2001 in Shanghai, China, to offer commercial, technical and service support to ship-owners and local shipyards operating in the Far East, recently  strengthened by a new operative site in Chong Ming Island district; in 2007 Tecnimpianti Antwerp in Belgium, focussing mostly in the after sales service, was started and equally reinforced with a new production site in 2017. In the most recent years, the group has become even more international establishing new offices: in Dubai Navalimpianti Emirates to monitor the market and follow more closely some of the present works in the area; Navalimpianti Singapore Pte. Ltd, established at the end of 2010, to guarantee a permanent and efficient after-sales presence into the constantly growing Far-East cruise market. In 2017 the brand-new holding of the group was launched in Hong Kong as Navalimpianti Hong Kong Ltd.

Navim Group’s design centers are located in Ceranesi, Monfalcone, Termini Imerese and Pula, and they are accordingly specialized in automation, hydraulic, electrical, process control systems and navy equipment, davits, and structural design works in 3D. The factories and production departments are situated in Ceranesi, Monfalcone, Termini Imerese and Genoa’s harbor. The sales departments are operative in all the sites.